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Selling my trusty Intuos4 tablet. Still works perfectly, I just upgraded my studio hardware and don’t need it anymore. Available through Amazon, seller’s name is dylanweidner: 
Please forward this to anyone who’s looking for a good deal on a used tablet!

Still available guys, I need this outta my house!
A small sample of the images I’m producing for my current freelance project (posted with permission). They’ve been keeping me pretty busy, but it’s great to have work (I kinda sympathize with the dizzy guy). All done with my new Monoprice tablet monitor.

InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here:  #Inktober

Gonna try to do Inktober this year!
Selling my trusty Intuos4 tablet. Still works perfectly, I just upgraded my studio hardware and don’t need it anymore. Available through Amazon, seller’s name is dylanweidner: 
Please forward this to anyone who’s looking for a good deal on a used tablet!
A Couple Hours with the Monoprice 19” Interactive Pen Display
I got this tablet based on Frenden’s wonderful review of this piece of hardware and a need to replace my aging Intuos. I carefully read and compared reviews and models and settled on this one for a couple reasons: it was the cheapest in the category I wanted ($200 more would get me a Yiynova 19u+ which has more consistent reviews), and though the product has mixed reviews, some of the complaints can be worked around. The issues that couldn’t be worked around were quality control-related and therefore subject to its 30-day return policy. You can’t really go wrong with a $400 Cintiq competitor with a return policy.
I saw the UPS truck come down the road and stop at another house in our development, drop off a package, then drive away. It took me 10 minutes to realize my package had been delivered to the wrong address (after checking my tracking number online, which had said “DELIVERED” with nothing on my doorstep), and fortunately I had the guts to go knock on the neighbor’s door. They gave me an (opened, they must have been curious) box with my tablet inside- fortunately the tablet’s packaging was undisturbed. I got lucky. I emailed UPS support to report their wrongdoings. An honest mistake.
Anyway, off to the tablet itself! Setting up was easy despite all the mixed reviews: I simply had to uninstall the Wacom drivers, download & install the Monoprice drivers, and then plug it in: in that order. It did not come with a DVI cable or DVI to mini display port adapter (for my iMac) so fortunately I already had those. Something to consider. Once plugged in and set up properly in the Displays control panel, it worked wonderfully. The pen feels a little stiff so I have to press hard to get full pressure, but that can be adjusted for and the pen just may need to be broken in (and believe me, it will be). In the time I used it I got a few “blips” (like full-pressure blobby things) in the pen pressure but nothing that would interrupt my workflow. A concern in the reviews was the bad viewing angles, and that is definitely present. When calibrating the monitor it is SUPER important that you’re looking at the monitor the exact way you’ll be when drawing with it. But I figure that can be compromised for by 1) using premade color pallets and 2) just dragging your working image to a correctly calibrated monitor (my iMac screen for instance) every once in a while. The last thing that really makes me scratch my head is a little speck of dirt between the glass and LCD panel, which was a complaint that I found often in the reviews. WHY and HOW does that get past quality control? Anyway, it’s in the upper right area of the screen outside of my work area, so it isn’t worth complaining about but it’s good to know if you decide to purchase one. A couple reviewers complained about the distance between the pen tip and the cursor, but I didn’t find that to be a problem probably because I’ve used normal non-screen tablets all my digital art life.
PRICEFunctionalGood sizePen feels good, comes with 4 extra nibsPressure sensitiveZippy compared to Wacom tabletsCan be used purely as a regular tablet if you disable the screen (screen uses VGA or DVI cable while tablet digitizer uses a separate USB)
Dirt particle in screenColor accuracy and bad viewing anglesNo DVI cable or Mac adapters- must be bought separatelyPen’s buttons can only be mapped to left, right, and middle clickNo hotkey buttons (but you were going to use your keyboard for hotkeys anyway)No eraser on pen (but you weren’t going to use that anyway)
Not perfect, but considering you can get five of these puppies for the price of one equivalent Cintiq, it’s a steal. Would recommend because of its 30 day return policy as I get the feeling quality control isn’t the best. Worth a shot if you’re in need of a tablet upgrade and on a budget. I’m completely happy with my purchase.
With Love,Bri
Morning sketch: a friend’s pet chicken for their birthday!
by Bri Mercedes - [ Weasyl ] - [ Deviantart ] - [ FurAffinity ]
Eagle or lion? Why not both?
Bri Mercedes on InksterInc
Doctor Who themed dual-badge art for Ian and Dart! They will be printed and laminated separately and shipped off this week :)
by Bri Mercedes - [ Weasyl ] - [ Deviantart ] - [ FurAffinity ]
A couple crazy canines - FA icon commission :)
by Bri Mercedes - [ Weasyl ] - [ Deviantart ] - [ FurAffinity ]
Patreon drawing for Joseph Lallo!
Patreon drawing for LeiliaK!
Last doodle for today. I am having too much fun with this new brush set. Back to work!
I sold my soul dyed my hair red this month, so it’s time for a new self portrait!
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